kanji for 'ashleigh'I am a transperson (my generation generally still prefers the term ‘transsexual’ over ‘transgender’, but I’m mostly okay with either.) In 2013, I finally resumed a transformative journey that had been attempted several times earlier in my life, and for many reasons, was placed on hold for far too long. That part of my journey was completed in late 2015. Waiting was an uncomfortable choice, but due to choices made at other times in my life, it was needful, and I would not be the person I am today without having the experiences of my lifetime. Those who are in my life and near/dear to me know these things, and I may or may not discuss them here.

I have been married to the same person for nearly four decades, we have three mostly adorable children who are now adults, and not nearly as adorable as they were when they were of preschool age; growing up can do that to a person!
A Social Brown Recluse” is a description given me by my youngest daughter, who shares the trait with me: we are generally reclusive, bite when provoked, but attempt to be socially appropriate nonetheless. It is also a name that I have used on occasion as a title for various of my blogs, including the initial version of this, as well as “Ashes to Ashes”, which has often described my view on life in general.

I tend to write in stream of consciousness mode, and often ramble away on whatever topic has rung my gong at the moment. Politics, religion, food – any or all or none of them may appear as topics here. In short, I write about what comes to mind, and topics wander all through the tulgey wood. I also often post excerpts from email I receive.
Back in 2013, I imported the content from another of my blogs to this site, as I was deleting the old one at blogger.com, thus in some comments and earlier posts links may be broken, and in 2019, I have moved this blog off of the WordPress.com site to my hosted website here at LookingBackwards, which also holds my genealogy, our SCA Household, and our Gamine Group sites.

My political views include being fiscally conservative, socially liberal and decidedly pro-choice. For a considerable period of time, I termed myself as a Libertarian, however, the nomination of Bob Barr for President, along with the apparent love of Rand Paul by that party, ended any association I may have had with them; I still hold several libertarian (note small “l”) concepts and beliefs, however, I tend more towards democratic (note small “d”) socialism (note small “s”) as a practicality. I completely reject and abhor the concept of “I got mine, fuck you” that far too many who profess Libertarian (note capitol “L”) values.

I am a disabled American Veteran with a number of health issues that are sometimes written about here as well. I also express my frustration with our government here, but more often on Twitter, where the 140 character limit actually helps. (That’s an attempt at humor, learn to recognize it and you will go far in life.)
For not-faint-at-heart, there was my Tumblr, which was largely an uncensored part of my life. However, changes to their Termsof Service in 2018 have led me towards abandoning updating there, although it is still open.

I have practiced the Craft of the Witches for over 5 decades, since childhood, actually; someday I may get it right. Our coven website can be found at Nemed Cuculatii, and at PaganSpace.

I am an amateur genealogist, and the portal to my family history website is at Looking Backwards. Oh, gee — that where you are now!

I can also be found on Dreamwidth.org at Ashes to Ashes; it is also limited to friends. My Twitter feed is open, my Facebook page is open to friends.


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